About Us

On January 30, 1991, a small group of former and retired Marines embarked on an ambitious effort to interconnect various independent elements of the Marine Corps family in Kentucky, with the sole objective of  providing support to various Marine Corps community activities and their dynamic requirements, as necessary. Initially founded as the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Louisville, Inc. (MCCCL), as part of a national effort conceived and spearheaded by MajGen Hugh Hardy, USMCR (Ret) to focus on supporting recruiting efforts through publicity, incentive programs, and visible leadership, the MCCCL underwent a restructuring on January 1, 2007, in order to more fully encompass a greater mission of promoting an integrated, unified presence of the Marine Corps throughout Kentucky. As a result of steady success in support of this early mission, while subsequently fielding interests to exploit the synergies of cooperation and camaraderie of purpose, our name was change to be more representative of our expannded mission. As the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky, Inc. (MCCCK), a tax exempt IRS 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, we are dedicated to the support of Marine Corps activities, the espousal and practice of traditional Marine Corps values, and the coordination of Marine Corps support and activities throughout Kentucky.

Our "Mission Statement" is defined as follows:

  • Assist and support the activities of the United States Marine Corps
  • Coordinate, assist, and support the activities of individuals or entities, such as veterans organizations, providing assistance to various activities of the Marine Corps
  • Improve the quality of life of individual Marines and their families
  • Provide direct assistance to the Marine Corps recruiting, reserve, and unit detachments, whether through incentive and awards programs, publicity, visible community leadership, and the like, or otherwise
  • Support educational programs, projects, activities, and endeavors focused on the promulgation of Marine Corps core values of honor, courage, and commitment, as evidenced and embodied within the traditions and lore of the Marine Corps
  • Support the Marine Corps "Marine for Life" concept

It is the design and intent of the MCCCK to serve as an umbrella organization dedicated exclusively to enhancing the total Marine Corps image throughout Kentucky, through the support of Marine Corps active duty and reserve components, veterans' organizations, ROTC and Junior ROTC programs, "Marine for Life" initiatives, Toys for Tots, and individual Marines in need. From its very inception, the MCCCK has never attempted to compete with or supplant any Marine Corps organization's mission and/or objectives, but rather to facilitate cooperation and communication among those several organizations, in order that the resources and teamwork available to the entire family of Marines could be more efficiently employed. In that quest, the modern and evolving technology of the Internet was embraced and embodied in this web site.

In order to obtain operating funds for each of the myriad Marine Corps related activities solicited by various Marine Corps interests each year, a minimum annual tax-deductible contribution of $100 is suggested, but not required, as commitments are more important than applications. Those who made commitments during the restructuring year (2007) have been appropriately designated as Charter Members, with all subsequent commitments being classified as Sustaining Members, and so recognized on our web site. 

During late 2007, MCCCK members elected an initial Board of Directors, which in turn appointed officers (Executive Committee), who are responsible for the routine operation of the MCCCK, meeting as required and directed by the President. Board of Directors meet as required annually or more often if deemed necessary by its elected Chairman. Sustaining Members are routinely appraised of activities and events in which the MCCCK has an interest or plays a significant beneficial role.