National Marine Corps Council Welcomes "Kentucky Marines"

Quantico, Virginia, October 18, 2008: By a unanimous vote of all members present, the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky (MCCCK) application for official membership in the National Marine Corps Council (NMCC) was approved at the NMCC Fall Meeting. Application was based upon the long standing tradition of MCCCK service to Marines in Kentucky, with emphasis on accomplishments during the current calendar year, to include the "Salute to the Legends of the Corps," through which $250,000 was raised for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. The MCCCK was represented at this meeting by 1stSgt Martin G. Hanse, Jr., USMC (Ret), a charter member of the MCCCK. Inclusion within the NMCC will serve to provide national recognition within the Marine Corps community for what we as a group are striving to accomplish, as well as a vital link to the Marine Corps on a national level, through NMCC interaction with the Commandant of the Marine Corps and Headquarters Marine Corps.The NMCC is a national level organization consisting of a representative appointed from each of the member Marine Corps associations and/or organizations. Representatives are appointed by the president of each member organization and report to and speak for that elected officer. NMCC is a non-political association of organizations formed for the purpose of exchanging information of common interest to its members and to serve as a forum for the Commandant of the Marine Corps to disseminate Marine Corps information to the membership of the affiliated organizations and associations to further Marine Corps objectives. The primary purpose of the NMCC is to assist in the preservation of a strong Marine Corps and support of the aims of the Commandant of the Marine Corps in satisfying this objective. For more information concerning the NMCCC please visit