Chairman's Autobiographical Book Reveals Influence of Marine Corps Experience on "Magnificent Blur" of Exceptional Achievement

Ted Bassett Book Signing 2009

Louisville, Kentucky, April 30, 2009: Friends of James E. "Ted" Bassett III, who share a common brotherhood of Marine Corps service, gathered at a luncheon celebration to honor him on the recent publication of his autobiography Keeneland's Ted Bassett: My Life, prior to a scheduled book signing event at Borders Books Music and Cafe, 400 South 4th Street. Those who know and have worked with Ted Bassett, Chairman, Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky, understand the significant and important role the Marine Corps has played in the exceptional success he has enjoyed both personally and professionally. As a young man, he fully accepted the core beliefs of the 4th Marine Division, with which he served in World War II, and has lived by its hallmark - "Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever." Throughout his book, the influence of the Corps on his life is manifested. Frequently referring to his own life as a "magnificent blur," Ted Bassett acknowledges that many of its unique components were forged on the drill fields of Parris Island and the rocky enemy fortifications of Okinawa. Although we all take different journeys in life, the importance of our Marine Corps experience is undeniable. This fact is central to the success enjoyed not only by our individual members, but that of the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky itself, which has flourished since its restructuring in 2007, under the leadership of Ted Bassett, who has "held high the flag" for our beloved Marine Corps in Kentucky for so many years. Equally comfortable with both privates and presidents, Ted Bassett has brought great recognition and honor to local Marines, whether or not they still wear the uniform. Congratulations to our chairman and his co-author, Bill Mooney on a truly wonderful and significant book. (Additional photos in "Galleries" section)