Kentucky Marines Renew Commitment to Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund with $5,000.00 Grant

Commitment to IMSFF Renewed

Simpsonville, Kentucky; December 10, 2010:  In a reaffirmation of support for wounded Marines nationwide, the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky (MCCCK) presented a check in the amount of $5,000.00 to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund (IMSFF).  Receiving the check on behalf of the IMSFF was Ms. Kathy Huck, who introduced the IMSFF to the MCCCK in 2007 and served as the impetus for the very successful "Salute to the Legends of the Corps," held on May 23, 2008, through which $250,000 was raised for the IMSFF.  This grant was unanimously approved on November 10, 2010 by the MCCCK Board of Directors and presented to the IMSFF by Col. David J. Clement, USMCR, MCCCK President, at a brief informal ceremony.  Having officially adopted the IMSFF as its only non-Kentucky related beneficiary of charitable funding, the MCCCK has now donated $255,200 to help injured and wounded Marines recover their lives and will continue to support this effort until a need no longer exists.  Every member of the MCCCK should take pride in this remarkable accomplishment, for without their continuing support and generosity, this would not be possible.