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Reconnect With The Corps

Mission Expansion

Established during 1991, as the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Louisville, Inc., with the limited mission of providing support of Marine Corps recruiting efforts through publicity and appropriate incentive programs, a need was subsequently identified during 2007 to restructure, so as to expand the outreach while promoting a fully integrated and unified presence of the Marine Corps throughout Kentucky.

Charitable Organization

To this end, the MCCCK has been incorporated as a tax exempt (IRS 501 (c)(3), charitable organization, with a well defined statewide mission of (a) supporting Marine Corps activities, (b) assisting individual Marines with quality of life issues through humanitarian assistance, (c) propagating Marine Corps values of honor, courage, and commitment, through visible leadership, and (d) providing guidance to individual Marines transitioning from active duty to civilian life.


Enduring Commitment

If your Marine Corps service has played a significant role in personal and professional success you have enjoyed in life and would like to participate in this regionalized national group effort to sustain and enhance the traditions and excellence of the Marine Corps, we invite you to consider making an enduring commitment in support of our mission.

Marines Serving Marines

Serving as a non-intrusive catalyst for the coordination of various activities related to Marine Corps active duty, reserve and veteran entities throughout Kentucky, the restructured Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky, Inc. (MCCCK) has endeavored to provide administrative, logistical and financial support when requested and appropriate.

Comprised primarily of Marine Corps veterans, who have enjoyed success in their professional lives and believe that the foundation for such was built during their years in the Corps, the MCCCK offers an opportunity to reconnect with those of similar experience, who want to share with others what the Corps has given to them.

It is truly a testament to the spirit and patriotism of Kentuckians that an organization such as ours, dedicated to the perpetuation and support of the United States Marine Corps and its various elements among us, continues to thrive and grow as we face new and emerging threats to our national security and the freedom of our citizens.

Our Mission

  • Assist and support the activities of the United States Marine Corps.
  • Coordinate, assist, and support the activities of individuals or entities, such as veterans organizations, providing assistance to various activities of the Marine Corps.
  • Improve the quality of life of individual Marines and their families.
  • Provide direct assistance to the Marine Corps recruiting, reserve, and unit detachments, whether through incentive and awards programs, publicity, visible community leadership, and the like.
  • Support educational programs, projects, activities, and endeavors focused on the promulgation of Marine Corps core values of honor, courage, and commitment, as evidenced and embodied within the traditions and lore of the Marine Corps.
  • Provide assistance, when able and appropriate, to Marines transitioning from active duty to civilian life.

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