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Our mission is to provide interactive administrative and financial support to various elements of the Marine Corps family within Kentucky, with particular attention being given active duty recruitment of enlisted and officer personnel, reserve components, veterans organizations, junior ROTC units, and individual Marines in need, including families of Marines killed or severely wounded in combat. We are proud of our continuing commitment to help our fellow Marines. Since 1991, a small group of former and retired Marines has endeavored to connect and support various independent elements of our Marine Corps community in Kentucky.

With an ever growing need to support the Marine Corps presence in our local communities, we have embarked on an ambitious project to serve as a cohesive support network for all Marine Corps related activities in Kentucky, through the growth of our membership and resultant increase in available funding. It is our intent and firm commitment that with the exception of minimal administrative expenditures, all funding be dedicated to the fulfillment of our mission. As a qualified tax-exempt corporation under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, all contributions to the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky are fully tax deductible.

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