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Membership Process


Message from the Chairman of the Board and President
February 5, 2020

Although our individual journeys in life may have taken us each in various and different directions – professionally, economically, and socially, we all share a common bond of either  honorable service in the United States Marine Corps; or special affinity for same, through a commitment to a family member or friend, who is now serving or who has served. As we age, our connection to our past Marine Corps experience frequently strengthens and we seek ways to serve our fellow Marines in a meaningful and satisfying manner. Since 1991, the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky (MCCCK) has provided us with a unique opportunity to have an outstanding positive impact in our local Marine Corps community, as well as within the greater fabric of the Corps itself.

As a group of dedicated Marine Corps veterans and Friends of the Corps, we continue to make a difference in the lives of many. From our unprecedented financial support of the Semper Fi Fund, totaling over $1,449,130.00 since 2008, to our funding of scholarships within our local and state Marine Corps community, as well as caring contributions to local Marines in need of assistance; together we have lived up to our mantra of “Marines Serving Marines.” None of this could be possible without the generous financial commitments of our Sustaining Members.

This past year we were deeply saddened by the passing of David and Betty Jones, both of whom were great benevolent Friends of the Corps, who through their example taught us all the importance of compassionate concern for others. We could not have had better teachers. As a community of Marines, we are truly grateful that they walked the last years of their journeys with us. As a fitting tribute to their memories, we will continue to reach out to those Marines living among us, who are suffering from either combat related injuries or other physical conditions impacting negatively on their quality of life, so that they may come to know in a most positive way, that although we may be discharged or separated from active or reserve duty, we never truly leave the Corps and the values it has imbued in each of us.

During the past year, $54,721.96 was allocated from MCCCK funds, $52,152.88 (95.31%) of which was expended in direct support of stated mission objectives. Only $2,569.08 (4.69%) was expended on operational and administrative requisites, such as website maintenance, professional liability insurance, postage, supplies, etc.  In the spirit of complete accountability and transparency, detailed financial records are available for review upon request.

In order to accomplish our mission, the MCCCK has been incorporated as a tax exempt, non-profit charitable IRS 501 (c) (3) organization. We ask you to consider either establishing or sustaining your commitment, with a tax-deductible annual contribution of $100, or any other amount you may be comfortable with. Thank you for caring for your fellow Marines.

Semper Fidelis,

James E. “Ted” Bassett III
General Chairman

Houston Mills, Jr.

Invitation to Join

“Applications not  accepted…only commitments”

Acknowledgement of Commitment

Membership in the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky, Inc. (MCCCK) is comprised of individual Marines, former Marines, and friends of the Marine Corps, who have voiced and/or demonstrated a desire to support its stated mission.

Periodically the Executive Committee of the MCCCK will consider all those who have been nominated for membership in the MCCCK (either by personal request or through nomination by current member).  Following a review by the Executive Committee, a nominee may be extended a membership invitation.

Prior to accepting an offer of membership, each prospective member should read the stated purpose and mission of the MCCCK and be willing to accept personal responsibility to support those activities, as permitted by his or her personal schedule, finances, and health. Any offer of membership must be affirmatively accepted by the nominee.

While no dues or fees are required to become a member of the MCCCK, each prospective member should understand that our stated objectives are funded only through the annual donations of our membership.  A suggested minimum annual donation of $100.00 will allow us to pursue our goals and establish a viable statewide presence so vital to our overall success.

Once offered and accepted, membership is to be held until resignation, disqualification, death, or removal by the Board of Directors.  Anyone may resign at any time by giving written notice to any member of the Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors, to be effective on the date of receipt of such, or at any later time therein specified.  Members can be removed with or without cause by an affirmative majority vote of the duly elected Board of Directors. It is contemplated that all members will be reviewed by the Executive Committee prior to the renewal of annual financial commitments.

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