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David & Betty Jones Humanitarian Award 2017


Established in 2016 by the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Kentucky (MCCCK) Board of Directors to recognize those individuals, whenever appropriate, who have demonstrated compassion, charity, and philanthropy in alleviating suffering and helping those less fortunate, while substantially improving the lives of others, through personal dedicated service of an inspirational nature.

Like the individual whose memory this award honors, the recipient thereof will have undoubtedly made a significant impact in bettering the lives of others. Martin G. Hanse, Sr. (1940-2014) served honorably in the Marine Corps before embarking on an outstanding career with United Parcel Service, from which he retired in 1999 as Vice President – International Operations, United Parcel Service Airlines. Never forgetting his Marine Corps roots, he worked tirelessly for various Marine Corps related charitable causes, fully embracing the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, while serving as the “conscience” of the MCCCK in identifying and addressing causes in need of compassionate support, either emotionally or financially. Even while incapacitated with a debilitating illness, he readily contacted friends and former colleagues for support of charitable causes. His leadership in helping those, both within our statewide Marine Corps community and elsewhere, in need of assistance has served to institutionalize charity and benevolence within the very fabric of the MCCCK mission. Although he is no longer with us, his spirit lives on in the charitable work of the MCCCK, and his memory is honored with this award, through the recognition of those who have embraced the admirable calling of helping others.

Rarely are there citizens of the Commonwealth, so unique in their entrepreneurial success, their unbridled support for charitable causes and a steadfast dedication true to the spirit of the Marine Corps family.  Their humility and desire for anonymity cloak the vastness of their legendary benevolence.

Ever the advocate for higher learning, they have generously chosen to honor Marines by educating their children through the nationally recognized Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, our nation’s oldest and largest provider of need-based scholarships to military children, providing access to affordable education for the children of Marines and Navy Corpsmen attending post-high school, under-graduate and technical education programs.

Recognizing the importance of history in shaping the way we view the present and prepare for the future, they have honored all Marines, past, present and future, through their generous support of Marine Corps Heritage Foundation and its world-class National Museum of the Marine Corps. Their benevolence has had a significant impact in preserving for exhibition the material history of the Marine Corps; honoring the commitment and sacrifices of Marines; and supporting recruitment, training, education and retention of Marines.

Through their genuine compassion for the mother of an Air Force pilot, who perished in a training accident, as well as for other parents suffering similar losses under conditions other than combat, a unique memorial was conceived and constructed on the banks of the Ohio River at Louisville, Kentucky, on land generously donated by them, bringing closure to hundreds of grieving families. Without their vision, guidance and generous support, the Patriots Peace Memorial could not have become a “portal of light and a place to heal” for so many, whose sons and daughters fell victim to the inherently dangerous nature of military service.

Following the combat wounding of their own son during Desert Storm, and the effect of same on their entire family, they compassionately embraced the work of the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund and the thousands of Marines and their families, who have been assisted by this nationally recognized public charity. Through their benevolence and that of others, hospitalized service members receive crucial bedside support of family and friends; quality of life logistical assistance; and guidance in navigating the transition from the military service back to civilian life.

Together, they continue to give back to their community by working to sustain and maintain The Parklands of Floyds Fork, a magnificent 3,800 acre park system in Jefferson County, Kentucky, abounding in recreational opportunities for people of all ages, for generations to come. Their compassion, generosity, and sincerity in all that they do for their fellow man will be their lasting legacy.

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